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Orient watches

Orient watches | Orient Star | Orient Automatic divers Watch

All Orient watches sold by comes with box and warrranty papers.
Ask any watch enthusiasts on watch forums online as who manufactured the best affordable mechanical watches. Orient watch would be top of the list.

What make Orient watch so popular among mechanical watch lovers is that since at the very start Orient had make and design its own automatic movement and constantly improving on it.

Even during the 1970 when quart movement becomes popular Orient never stop developing their mechanical watches. It is Orient many years of manufacturing skill and knowledge and a pool of experience work force that create Orient automatic watches that are both reliable and affordable to all.


Currently, Seiko owns 52 per cent of Orient Company. Orient will continue to produce and design their own mechanical movements and automatic watches. Orient has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Brazil and in Singapore. They feature a wide range of watch styles and designs, including mechanical, quartz and light powered wrist watches.

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Orient watches