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Seiko JDM Watches

Seiko Japan Domestic Models

Seiko is one of the most reputed manufacturers of watches worldwide, manufacturing high quality watches which are extremely accurate and durable. Many of the Seiko JDM or Japan Domestic Models are available for sale only in the Japan and are not easily available elsewhere. Some of the watches are designed for daily use in office and home, with automatic versions available, while other watches are suitable for use by divers, and can be used underwater at a depth up to 200m without stopping. Most of the watches have a provision for self-winding and manual winding. For some of the watches available only in a limited quantity, making these watches a collector's item. Many of these watches can be sold at a high price after a few decades, especially the luxury limited edition watches, and other watches which are in a good working condition.

The SBDC and SBDX series of watches from Seiko Japan are designed for deep diving and are some of the most popular watches for divers. The SBDC divers' watch is designed for operation at a depth of 200 meters under water. The watch has a dia-shield coating to prevent scratches and a sapphire crystal for accurate time keeping. The SBDX014 is also called the Marine Master Professional. Like other watches, it is automatic with a manual winding mechanism. However, it can withstand up to 1000m deep of water pressure, making it suitable for professional divers. The watch has a titanium case with super-hard coating and ceramics. The 26-jewels mechanism in the watch ensures that time accuracy, with -10 to +15 seconds per day margin of error. On top of that, it is magnetic resistant, ensuring the accuracy of the watch. The serial number is engraved on the back of the watch case for these Seiko Japan Domestic Models, which can be used as proof that it is an original watch.


SBDX014     SBDX001

The SARB watches from Seiko Japan are designed to be more elegant than for performance, however they are still water resistant and can be used for surface water sports and other similar activities. They too are automatic with a self-winding mechanism, and a provision for manual winding. The movement generally has a power reserve of 50 hours. The stainless steel watch case has a brushed finish, and hour markers which are easily visible. The date is displayed at the 3 o’clock position. Scratch resistant sapphire glass is used to ensure clear visibilty of the watch. The watch uses a 23-jewel mechanism. The band for the watch varies, some models in the SARB series have stainless steel bracelet type bands, while others have calfskin bands. The colour and design of the dial may also vary depending on the model number of the SARB watch, one of the many Seiko Japan Domestic Models.

SARB017   SARB035   SARB033


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Seiko JDM Watches