Seiko Mens mechanical watch


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Seiko Mens mechanical watch

Seiko men's mechanical watch

Seiko has been introducing its watches since the period of 100 years. They have various segments but most popular designs are its “Mechanical watches”. These watches have unique designs and sharp features that make them popular and widely they are worn around the world. Seiko’s mechanical watches have been reintroduced with automatic features with a sharp round analogue model with leather and metal strap. All the watches of “Seiko’s Mechanical Watches” are coming in classic designs and that makes them reliable and strong. Three Automatic models introduced by Seiko’s are SARB017J, SKX007K1 and SNZH55K1. Model of Automatic Men’s SARB017J is highly demanded and reliable strong watch which can be used for multiple occasions like party or business meeting. Analogue design with dial of 43mm diameter makes it manly. Shiny and water resistant quality of the watch also has unique calendar day and date on dial as well. Another Model of Automatic Men’s SKX007K1 is coming in a trendy black leather strap and analogue dial of 42mm diameter with automatic calendar showing date and day. This model is popular among sports people. Automatic Men’s SNZH55K1 model has a manly appearance that has a shiny lustrous strap of silver metal. The analogue dial model of this design 42mm and widely popular in formal style. The watch has protection of water and is water resistant up to 100m.


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Seiko Mens mechanical watch