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Seiko Military Watches

Seiko Military Watches

Seiko Military Watches set the gold standard in quality and affordable wristwear. Unlike cheaper brands, Seiko Watches will not break at the slightest bump or spill. However, despite their superior quality, you can buy a solid Seiko watch for well under $500, avoiding the high price tags of overhyped designer brands. Though they lack the prestige of well-known brands, Seiko Military Watches provide astonishing value for any budget, and they can last for years even if they take a couple of beatings.

All Seiko Military Watches possess basic features that ensure quality and durability. Even the most basic watches use high-grade materials, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coating, and are water-resistant, generally at depths up to 300 feet. Additionally, all watches feature three inventions created in-house at Seiko: Diashock, a shock-resistance device, absorbs impact on a part called the balance-staff pivot, which can easily break is a watch is dropped. Seiko’s Magic Lever increases the winding efficiency of their watches, enabling them to last through the years. Finally, all Seiko watches utilize Spron, a high-quality spring that has even been adapted for use in medicine.

For a simple-but-quality watch that won’t break the bank, the SNK809K2, SNZG09J1, or SNZG17K1 are great choices. The SNK809K2 is a basic sport watch with a black canvas strap, and it typically costs between $100-$200. Similarly, the SNZG09J1 also features a cloth strap and falls within the same price range. However, because the SNK809K2 is all-black, it has a slightly less casual look than the SNZG09J1. For buyers looking for something more elegant, the SNZG17K1 offers a simplistic and classy gunmetal look at a slightly higher price range, from $100-$300.


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Seiko Military Watches